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We understand.
Losing a loved one is an emotional time and decisions about funeral arrangements can seem difficult and overwhelming. When we sit down with you to make arrangements, we understand those feelings of grief and confusion.
We know you may be unsure of what you want in the way of a funeral or where to start.
As your funeral director we want to make this process easier for you, by assisting and guiding you in your choices and arranging a funeral that will reflect and celebrate the life of your loved one.
Every celebration of life is unique, and as such each personal choice made to honour your loved one will alter the total costs of their funeral.
We offer a flexible pricing structure that includes a range of options to allow for a personal service to honour the life of your loved one. Each individual cost determined by Patterson Brothers Funerals is listed on the attachment. We have also listed the services and items supplied by third parties, which shows as charged by supplier. For an accurate quotation regarding third party services and items, please contact Patterson Brothers Funerals directly and we can liaise with them to provide an accurate costing for your needs.
A written individual quotation will be supplied during discussions with you and will consider your circumstances, your chosen services and your wishes for your loved one’s celebration of life.

Funeral Price Guide