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Monumental Mason

Patterson Brothers Funerals are also able to assist families in contacting a Monumental Mason for all burials that take place in a Monumental Cemetery.

We recommend KD Stoneworks. Since 1954, KD Stoneworks have been producing memorial and monumental stone for the Riverina. City Councils, commemorative organizations and individuals have all sought out KD Stoneworks for our experience and reputation for quality work.


They have a wide range of full memorials in both single and double, headstone markers, and offer restoration services.

Contact their professional, friendly and experienced team to discuss your needs directly


Renovations to existing memorials

Additional letters to desks, plus re-new existing letters.

Ceramic photo with or without frame on a background of your choice

Nothing is impossible; today your imagination knows no boundaries with help from the professionals.


Contact Information

KD Stoneworks  Ph 02 6947 2933


PO Box 93 – 158-164 Fitzroy Street

Tumut NSW 2720