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>> On the day of the service

Before the funeral service

Choosing a service
When we first meet, we will together discuss the type of service you would like.
There are many options to consider when planning a funeral service.
There are traditional services that are held in a church, followed by burial or cremation. Others are held in chapels, community halls, gardens or at the graveside. Services can be religious or non-religious, with clergy, a celebrant or one of our experienced staff to officiate. We will assist you in planning an individual service that reflects and celebrates the life of your loved one.
We will also contact the minister, priest or celebrant on your behalf, firstly to secure a day and time for the funeral and to arrange a time suitable for the family and clergy to meet and discuss the service.

If burial is chosen, there is also the decision of which cemetery. Did your loved one have a reservation in a monumental cemetery, were they to be buried with another family member in a lawn cemetery?
Once this information is decided, we will contact the council in charge of the cemetery, arrange for the grave, give them the particulars of the deceased and secure a day and time suitable to the family for the funeral.
Most councils’ fees include the plot, grave digging and bronze plaque in their Lawn Cemeteries, or the plot and grave digging in the Monumental Cemeteries. You may need proof of a reservation if using a Monumental Cemetery, as some of the old cemeteries are now closed. We can also refer you to a Monumental Mason to supply a suitably inscribed monument, if you choose to use a monumental cemetery.

If cremation is chosen, we will discuss with you, your preferred crematorium, and also if you wish to hold the funeral service at the crematorium, or to arrange a private cremation after a service elsewhere. We will also arrange the cremation papers which are to be filled out by the deceased’s doctor and a second doctor referred to as the ‘referee’. Each of the doctors incur a fee which we will pay for on your behalf, at the time of collecting the papers.

Reflection Chapel
Sometimes people leave specific instructions that there is to be no funeral as such, simply a delivery to the crematorium or to the Cemetery for burial, however you may feel there is a lack of closure for the family. Patterson Brothers may suggest in such a circumstance that you spend some time in our private reflection Chapel with the deceased before the coffin leaves our Funeral home for the crematorium or cemetery.

Readings and Music
We have a selection of readings and poems you may like to choose from, for inclusion in the service. The minister, priest or celebrant, should you use one, will also meet with you and discuss readings and the order of service.
Music is used in any celebration throughout our lives and so it is in celebrating a life complete.
We take pride in helping you select suitable music to celebrate your loved ones life, whether that be arranging an organist or vocalist or creating a playlist of recorded music, and helping to incorporate it into the service.

Other arrangements
We will also talk about viewings, flowers, types of coffins, music, advertisements, if you wish for there to be donations to charity in lieu of flowers, as well as gathering information for burial applications and registrations with the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

We will liaise with our florist on your behalf, to ensure the floral tributes you select are a reflection of your loved one. There are several sizes and styles of floral tributes available with your choice of flowers, to ensure individuality.

We take care of all advertisements, either on the radio or in newspapers both locally and in other areas.