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When someone dies

When a death occurs, it is not only a sad and emotional time for the family, it can be quite daunting, knowing the journey has not finished. Patterson Brothers will help and guide you through the initial period, from the minute you first make contact with us.

We will arrange a time suitable for you and your family to meet with us, either in your home or in our office, to arrange the funeral. A funeral that will celebrate the life of your loved one. You may need time before meeting with us, as you may be waiting for other members of the family to arrive and join you in making the funeral arrangements.

Arranging certificates
If the deceased died in a hospital or a nursing home, the Registered Nurse or Nurse in charge at the time of death will contact the doctor who cared for the deceased prior to the death to secure a Medical Certificate cause of Death. It is important to notify the staff if the deceased is to be cremated as there are further papers to be completed – this is essential before leaving the hospital or nursing home.When the necessary certificates have been completed, Patterson Brothers staff will then transfer the deceased into our care, at our funeral home.

If the death occurred at home, whether it was expected or not expected, the deceased doctor must be notified immediately for a certificate to be issued. If your loved one has not seen their doctor or specialist within the last three months, it may be necessary for a post mortem to be carried out. This circumstance could delay arrangements whilst waiting for the coroner’s office to issue a certificate. This may also be the case in an accidental death, when again the coroner’s office will issue a certificate following a post mortem.

Funeral instructions
We would suggest you contact the deceased’s solicitor before meeting with us to make arrangements, to check if the deceased left any instructions relating to their funeral.